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​                          Proverbs 30:4 
Did you know that HalleluYAH means praise be to YAH
About Betos Moving & Delivery Services
Betos Moving & Delivery Services strives to exceed customers expectations every time it makes a move. 

And it is doing it again and again as customers continue to recommend Betos Moving & Delivery Services to friends and family for their home moving and corporate relocation services.

At Betos Moving & Delivery Services we make it a everyday effort and our mission to continuously strive to exceed our customers expectations in value and high standards last but not least delivering quality satisfaction!

Betos Moving & Delivery Services aims to be a role model in our industry. This purpose is reflected in everything we do and who we are!

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Betos Moving & Delivery says NO to all Hidden Fee's . 

- $ No Extra Stop Fee's 
- $ No Assembling Fee's
- $ No Dissembling Fee's
- $ No Weight Fee's 
- $ No Trip Charge Fee's
- $ No Equipment Rental Fee's

Betos Moving & Delivery looks out for your best interest and pocket book we know how stressful it can be just trying to move. At Betos Moving & Delivery we slash prices and say NO to all hidden fees! Betos Moving & Delivery wants to save you BIG $$$ BUCKS with everyday low pricing.